The above pictures are from the largest Concert Venue in the World. 2004 2005

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Big Harmonica Bob
1218 e. Broadway #120
Long Beach , Ca. 90802

    Big Harmonica Bob 
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Big Harmonica Bob is a professional Blues Harp Player,
Guitar Player, Songwriter, Singer, Bluesman from
Long Beach California.    Bob has his own Independent Label called
"Big Blues Dog Productions".
His original songs have been played Worldwide on Blues Radio Shows. 
His band has played regularly in Long Beach,
and other Blues Venues in So. Cal.
Bob  played at "The Legendary Buffalo Chip"
in Sturgis South Dakota
Big Harmonica Bob is the Real Deal. 
He has been at this a long time, playing
The Blues with the Famous and The Infamous! ...still at it
Big Harmonica Bob songs are now on itunes!
and ... Oh yeah ... "Hey , Hey , the Blues is All Right!"

To Contact Big Harmonica Bob
e mail
phone, 213.703.0411

" Spanning The Globe With The Blues "
I  Would love to play the Blues for you!


    Welcome  People it's
     ...Big Harmonica Bob
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Listen to this  C.D.
click the Picture

AND "Straight From the Harp"
Listen to samples from "Yahoo Music"!
Put "Big Harmonica Bob" in Search on the
Top Right and Get the tunes, Thanks!

This C.D. requested by ...
FM 105.5 "Mojo Dreams", Belgium
FM 107.9 "Rootstime", Belgium
KUNV FM 91.5 "Nothin but the Blues"
host, Brian "The Blues Dr." Spencer
Las Vegas, NV, USA

What do The Rolling Stones,
The Yardbirds, The Ramones,
and Big Harmonica Bob have in common?
Airplay on "The Casbah!"
"My Wife Wants a Harley"
played in San Antonio,Texas
"The Casbah" Show,KSYM 90.1
Thanks Brian!

Long Beach Blues Radio!
"The Blues Highway"
with Pat Graham, KLBC

" The Prime Spot! "
with KaRi


From the "Jack Daniels" Deck at the Legendary Buffalo Chip you can see the Sea of Motorhomes above on the Right,  The Main Stage is seen right above those two guys heads ...
It doesn't look big but it is really pretty giant.

Thanks to get My songs here.

     Hell'o Blues fans and Music Lovers..2018
I  am fronting the band US 99 and playing all over the Southern Cal area.  We play Blues ...Roots Music...Old Country...Classic Rock.  I  play the harp,, fiddle, guitar , keyboard and sing.  We are doing this for fun and to expand our gig horizons.

The Band Members are ... Big Harmonica Bob
Sonny B.   on drums
and a great list of professional Bass players who do the gigs with us.

Most Recent Airplay is Right Here!... airplay 2015...
I was live on the Doug and Judy show
and on Jammin Live T V show
from LBCC...
Dec. 8th 2010
Crossroads Blues Show
Kansas City, host Mickey Quick
played "Alligator Hunter"

" Nothin  But  The  Blues "
KUNV 91.5 FM, University of Nevada
with Brian "The Blues Dr" Spencer
... he played
"Big Harmonica Bob's Boogie"
from the "Straight from the Harp" C.D.
Sat April 29, 2006!
The Dr. Is In!  Thanks Doc!

"Mojo Blues" Radio Show in
Macedonia , FM 94.1 Just Played
Three songs from the C.D.
"Home Brewed Blues"
June 4th, 2006
Thanks, Vasja Ivanovski ...
from the Capital of Macedonia!
He puts on a Major Festival Every July!

Listen to "The Indigo Lounge"
All Blues .... with Jennifer
She plays what she likes...
She likes BHB music, Thanks!
Listen to The Blues at ...

Don't forget Brian Parrish in San Antonio...
Got to be one of the coolest D J' s on Radio...
Listen to "The Casbah"  KSYM FM.
He has played  BHB  songs on many occasions...  he likes "My Wife wants a Harley"
from the "Home Brewed Blues" C.D.
it is also on the new
"Campfire Songs from Los Angeles" C.D.
    Click on the Link to the Right.>>>>>>>

Big Harmonica Bob's Music
Requested for "Blues Power"
Radio Show in The Netherlands!
July 2006, Show Host Marcel Vos,
Check it out!

BHB Music requested by
"Highway Blues" Show
KZUM FM 89.3 Lincoln, Nebraska
Show Host Al Lundey
Every Friday on KZUM!
August 2006

BHB Music Requested by
"Breakfast With The Blues"
KRVM fm 91.9 Host "Coffee Jack"
Jack features
Harp Players on his Program, Ha Ha!
This station is in Eugene Oregon
with 23 hrs of blues programing!
Coffee Jack played two BHB songs on Wednesday
Oct 25th "Blow you Out Blues" and an all new
song "Why You Have to be so Mean?" 
The second song will be on an new C.D.
titled "Mean Old Town"

Radio ZRO 106.2 FM in Belgium the "Mojo Dreams" Show with Mark Verbert, played "Mean Old Town"
in Nov. of 2006 and Mark also played "I'm your Money Man" on his show! Click here to see songlist and get info!  Thanks Mark! 
Mean Old Town is the last song
on the Playlist!

Big Harmonica Bob Historic Airplay Click Here

"The Good Time Blues Show"played "Stormy Monday"By BHB 7/11/2008

Download and Listen to Big Harmonica Bob's C.D.s
Click on links below ...

1. Straight From the Harp
2. Home Brewed Blues
3. Campfire Songs From Los Angeles
Click Here!
4. "Mean Old Town"
Listen to Every Song!

Get Original Big Harmonica Bob Songs
                       on "itunes" Click Right Here!
Click on " See All Albums" to check all songs out!

BHB Songs from C.D.
"Mean Old Town"
were  played in Belgium on the "Mojo Dreams" Radio Show with host Mark Verbert! , FM 106.2

Fun NEWS, Dec. 2006
"Campfire Songs from Los Angeles"
went to about 1,000,000 Country Fans on over 30 FM Radio Stations ...
Requested by the World Famous
"Country Club" Syndicated Radio Show ... with host Dorin Marincas ...
The West goes East ...
Big Harmonica Bob
BHB songs going to
Romania! Country Capital of Eastern Europe!
It's a good time to listen to
my song "My Wife wants a Harley" to find out why!

Same Three Chords, just some twang added ...

New Gigs below here .... 2018
                                     Sonny-B, and BHB  and bassman
live at a Dive in Los Angeles, Ca. , Car Shows...swanky places...

Gigs 2018
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                                                                   This is the Band for 2018
U S 99 and Big Harmonica Bob!

Big Harmonica Bob,
Guitar, Harp, Vocal
Sonny B. on Drums,
we use differtent great Bass players
all the time...Like John Bazz of the Blasters!

Get Big Harmonica Bob original songs on your Phone...
go to  Verizon and get em!

Get these best selling songs on itunes
1. Blow You out Blues
2. Big Harmonica Bob's Boogie
3. My wife wants a Harley...

can Big Harmonica Bob blow harp better than
any harp player on Earth? 
Maybe!   Listen to
"Corvette Susie"

Let the Blues Flow

Just a thought...
Viva the Blues!

Blues Hall of Fame! Big Harmonica Bob

My song"Big Harmonica Bobs Boogie" is a must have for
harp instrumentals of all time.  NO joke.

Get the song and see.  Not because I  did it.  It is an all time harp blowin masterpiece.
the song Corvette Sue is a harp blowin mega wank thing.  Check that out.
People in Japan like "Harp Battle Mambo".  Really.

I  Continue to play music all over Los Angeles as of 2018.

become my facebook friend and check it out...
Robert Knouse is my FACE BOOK name..


with Paul Osher
fan from spain Juila draws picture of bhb an bro!

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