Blues Guitar Great 
  Mike Dollins
Chuck Mathieu...
Southern California's Son of the Blues
Lady Star ! Blues Great from San Diego
Billy Gordon and the Blue Rockers!
Biker Entertainer...Worldwide!
Bernie Pearl....Bluesman
from Long Beach , Cal
Bull Frog Blues Machine...
Blues Player (from Bull Frog Blues)
Teresa Russell....
    World's Greatest  Guitar Player harp stuff
Blues Radio Germany....
best internet blues station on Earth
Gary the Wagman Wagner....
home of wagmanblues....
Los Angeles Regional Harmonica Association
LARHA  ....harp info and happenings
The Mother of All Blues Links
Junior's Juke Joint
tour the Delta Today w/Jr!
Greg Serrato...
Greatest Left Handed
guitar player in the whole World!
A Blues Fan with Class!
Mundo Armonica (Harmonica World!)
The Medicine Show
Reny, Bell, & Bako Billy
Great Acoustic Blues Trio
The Blue Highway
...for the Bucked and Scorned...(Like me)
Jason Nocera, Blues Cartoon!
Buddy and Hopkins
The Blues Hall of Fame!
Corvette Sandy Productions
Martini Blues Supper Club
Mary 4 Music...Huge Indie
Blues Resource
The Joe Ferraro Band
Check Out Great Independently made
C.D.s right here! 
DWM music
Nadeau Music
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